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Dr. Ajantha's actions for developing Sri Lanka did not begin today, or yesterday (unlike politicians whose work tend to receive special attention during election campaigns). Since 1993, she has been actively seeking opportunities to improve the lives of marginalized communities through the promotion of social enterprise development. While her focus has been on climate change adaptation and environmental protection, Dr. Ajantha has also served as the Director of Housing for the Ministry of Fisheries where she facilitated the building of 30,000 houses for the fisheries community (through tax payer's and co-financiers' funding). Dr. Ajantha has also been in academia in both Colombo and in Lautoka (Fiji). Dr. Perera has also served as the Chairperson of the  Association for Consumer Affairs, and as a Member of the National Food Pricing Committee. 

Dr. Ajantha's 30 years of experience  has led her to multiple Advisory positions of Ministers in Sri Lanka and Fiji since 1993. 


Dr. Ajantha had no intention of entering politics until 21 April 2019.

She was shocked by the state of the parliament at the aftermath of Easter Sunday Attacks of April 2019. Firstly, the parliament made a mockery of the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians by pretending to have not known about the attacks until the information on their prior knowledge of the attacks was leaked. And, secondly, no Minister had the courage to take any responsibility for the horrific events that unfolded. This closely followed the governmental crisis earlier in the year when the Hon. President attempted to un-democratically appoint a Prime Minister; the same Prime Minister who has continued to make it clear that, for him, politics is a family business.

Sri Lankans- this is NOT NORMAL. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

Dr. Perera is ready to drive our country's change, and break the cycles of corruption. The question remains: are YOU? 

If you would like to read more about Dr. Ajantha's qualifications, please follow her LinkdIn account, which lists a few of her experiences: 

Why now?

Time for change.

Like most developing countries, Sri Lanka has the resources to develop. However, improper planning and corruption have led to misuse of important financial, physical and human capital. We are here to encourage data-driven growth. Once elected, I assure my followers that the gaps in the growth spheres will be driven by extensive research-driven development efforts, with capacity to innovate to address the country's development issues.

The Growth Plan for Sri Lanka focuses on six key areas:

(i) re-boosting the local economy (including the promotion of small and medium enterprises,  social enterprises, and increased access to financial services such as lending and savings to all Sri Lankans); 

(ii) environmental- identifying a sustainable solution to the issue of solid waste management, and the reinstatement and enforcement of the National Policy on Solid Waste Management; 

(iii) socio-cultural transformation of the Sri Lanka, in the celebration of the multicultural nature of Sri Lankans, enforcing penalization of any party that violates the Sri Lankan Constitutional right of all Sri Lankans to practice their religion;

 (iv) harnessing the extensive networks of regional and international development partners to increase Sri Lanka's contribution to socioeconomic development of the globe,  particularly through the promotion of South-South Triangular Cooperation (SSTC), and other platforms, through concerted collective development investment efforts, while maintaining the national sovereignty of the island; and finally;

(v) improved attention to mental health issues; and

(vi) I will ensure improved transparency and accountability in the utilization of resources.

For this to happen, we need your help- you need to VOTE wisely. Break the cycle, and launch a new Sri Lanka. 

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