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Our campaign is not about making false promises and waiting till the Presidential seat is taken, to implement change. We have started working on change now. Dr. Ajantha Perera has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing national policy and developmental activities, aimed at promoting sustainable development of this nation. 

Therefore, this campaign will be no different. In order to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of the use of campaign finances, we will not be spending on lone- standing extravagant rallies, press conferences, or poster and banner media. Instead, whenever we do host an event, we will utilize it to contribute to the ongoing development activities.

Yes, that's right. Dr. Ajantha Perera's development program has already begun. Actually it began 25 years ago, and she is now taking it one step further: to exponentially grow our motherland. 

Don't let the family business of politics hold you down. Join the movement to recycle our governance; to recycle our mindset; to RECYCLE SRI LANKA

Press Conference (27/08/2019)

We kept to our motto of optimizing the use of resources, and used the media conference as a platform to also allow key stakeholders of the ongoing issue of the Aruvakkalu landfill to voice their opinions to the media. Dr. Ajantha Perera pledged to solve the landfill issue before the commencement of the elections in December 2019. We are not waiting to be elected to develop our country. Development began 30 years ago when Dr. Perera silently, but surely, worked tirelessly to build our country. 

This one is for all hardworking Sri Lankans working behind the scenes. This campaign is ours- and we will not stop until we rebuild our nation. 

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